Car trailer manufacturer - STIM from the Podkarpacie province


The Stim company is a valued manufacturer of trailers for passenger cars and vans. We have been building our brand continuously since 1989. Thanks to the expert knowledge and commitment that we put into the implementation of each project, we enjoy a stable position both on the Polish and foreign market. We have numerous certificates and international approval, confirmed by an appropriate certificate. The highest quality of our car trailers has already been appreciated by many satisfied customers from all over Europe. Behind the success of our company are years of experience, vast knowledge, attention to the smallest detail and innovation. It all adds up to the reliability and solidity of our trailers and tow trucks. An extensive offer, professional knowledge and qualified team of specialists are the reasons why customers so willingly decide to cooperate with our company.

złącze przyczepy

of overrun

We provide professional regeneration services for overrun devices. The scope of work includes locating used parts through diagnostics of the device and their replacement.

gumowe rolki


We offer services in the field of regeneration of trailer axles. We have specialized equipment, with the use of which we are able to efficiently and without problems regenerate the os. We also have our own warehouse with parts, which speeds up the repair.



Our offer also includes various types of locksmith services. We have extensive experience in the field of manual and machine metal processing.

klejenie plandeki

Repair and
gluing tarpaulins

The trailer's tarpaulin may be damaged due to various factors. We offer effective repair of damaged places by gluing them together. We also replace all damaged elements of the tarpaulin fittings. We perform regeneration works precisely and reliably.

plandeka przyczepy

trailer service
up to 3.5 t

We conduct professional repairs of trailers with a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons and provide their comprehensive service. We carry out works reliably and on time.

ocynkowane elementy


We provide galvanizing services for steel structures, which significantly extends their service life and increases resistance to the negative effects of external factors

spawanie elementu


We offer welding services in a CO2 shield. We employ professional welders who care about the highest quality and reliability of the resulting structures

światła pryczepy

Electric service
trailers up to 3.5 t

Using our comprehensive knowledge of trailer production, we also offer service in the field of electric trailers up to 3.5 tons.

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